Pig Popper, Mechanical

Pig Popper, Mechanical

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Track Your Pipeline Pig With Confidence

The Enduro Pig Popper is a permanently installed fixture you add to your pipeline that provides an indication the first time something passes through the line. It is designed to fit on most existing 2" fittings.


  • Bi-directional trigger
  • Stainless steel inner construction
  • Material traceability reports typically required for pipeline installation
  • Simple installation
  • Universal fitting
  • No-doubt observation of pig passage
  • Intuitive reset

Disclaimers and Notes

If you are unsure about your application please call us to confirm requirements before buying. Toll Free 800.752.1628 or email info@enduropls.com


Extensions are available in 6" increments for buried pipe locations. All units are also available in a lighted version. Call our toll free number for these options.